At the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, 16-year-old Yana Kudryavtseva from Russia won individual gold medals in ball, hoop, and club performances.  As you can see from the video, she is highly skilled, graceful, and [More]
Bulgaria has a fantastic women’s rhythmic gymnastics team.  And they proved themselves at the 2014 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships held in Izmir, Turkey.  They came away with a total score of 34 449 points in [More]
The 2014 Gymnastics World Championships may prove to be one of the most competitive competitions that we’ve seen since the Olympics.  Some of the old favorites are back, but there are a lot of new [More]
Alyssa Baumann’s spectacular balance beam performance at the P&G Gymnastics Championships got her a spot on the USA women’s gymnastics team which will be competing at the 2014 World Championships in October.  Here’s a video [More]
It’s time for selection of the women who will be the U.S. Team at the World Championships in October.  Simone Biles, along with the other competitors for positions on the team, are headed to the [More]
Free Gymnastics, otherwise known as FreeG, is a growing sport.  FreeG is similar to Parkour, but is done indoors.  Gymnastics centers are springing up to offer FreeG, and some existing centers are adding the equipment [More]
This adorable little girl just might be a teacher some day.  She sweetly talks about warm ups, puts her pillow into position, and shows how to learn to do a bridge. When your kids take [More]
You may remember Shannon Miller as an outstanding gymnast when she was young.  But now as an adult she has a more important mission in life – fighting childhood obesity.  She explains her program in [More]
We all know that stretching exercises are necessary to “warm up” before doing any gymnastics moves and skills.  These kids do a great job of demonstrating warm-up exercises. But did you know that all of [More]
This vault was performed by Nia Dennis in the juniors’ competition at the 2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships.  Nia is a rising star who shows lots of talent.  She and her good friend Gabby Douglas are [More]
  If your young gymnast is wanting to practice bar skills at home, it is best to have a safe set-up such as the one in this video.  This young girl not only has a [More]
DIY Gymnastics Bar Here is a simple bar that a dad made in the garage for his kids to practice on.  This provides the kids with a way to practice some gymnastics at home.  This [More]
The Pan American Gymnastics Championships include various types of gymnastics competitions, including rhythmic gymnastics.  Jazzy (Jasmine) Kerber from the USA won two gold medals for individual performances – one for her clubs routine and one [More]
Other than Kyla Ross, the Fabulous (or Fierce) Five USA gymnasts from the London Olympics have not been seen in competition since their big win.  However Aly Raisman is back in training.  When I watch [More]
Kaitlyn, one of the “7 Gymnastics Girls,” does a great job of demonstrating Level 3 gymnastics skills for girls.  She’s quite good and actually trains and competes at a higher skill level.  But she does [More]
On our Facebook Page a reader messaged me to ask that we post this video that he had produced.  When I saw it, I was struck by the beauty of the presentation of this young [More]
  Enjoy this recorded video provided by USA Gymnastics!  Watch the exciting men’s finals at the2014  P&G Gymnastics Championships.  It was dramatic, for any one of three top contenders could have moved into first place [More]
  Although John Orozco came into the second day of the senior men’s competition at the 2014 P&G Gymnastics Challenge in 1st place, he didn’t hold his lead and was edged out by Sam Mykulak, [More]
Jake Dalton was leading in the All-Around competition at the 2014 P&G Gymnastics Championships.  You can view his outstanding floor exercise performance here.  But then, when it came to the 6th and last rotation, which [More]
For the past year Kyla Ross has been training hard, eager to be in the upcoming World Championships, and ultimately on the USA Gymnastics Team at the 2016 Olympics.  As good as she is, she [More]
Do your remember Jonathan’s Horton’s performances at the Pro Gymnastics Challenge.  This amazing stunt on the high bar was one of the highlights of the competition.  It looks impossible, but he did it successfully.  Unfortunately [More]
Not only did Claudia Fragapane win the gold as the All Around Champion and in the English team competition at the Commonwealth games, but she also won gold for her vault and in floor exercise.  [More]
  Due to injuries, Simone Biles had not been able to compete in previous competitions this year.  So some people questioned whether she could pull off getting the All Around Title at the 2014 Secret [More]
  August 2nd is the big day for the 2014 Secret Classics competition in which top American female gymnasts compete.  This video is a montage of the competitors. Everyone will be watching Simone Biles and [More]
This young girl named Lana scored high enough on all her Level 5 events to come in first place in each of them!  Watching this video will give you a good idea of how a [More]