This floor routine by Risa Perez, new on the Oregon State women’s gymnastics team, brought the crowd to their feet.  Especially the end of the routine.  If you watch to the end, you’ll find out [More]
Some of these girls seem to fly across the beam, and when they leap, twist, or flip, it seems impossible that they could land back on the beam.  I love some of the unique mounts [More]
Paulette (otherwise known as Paul Hunt) demonstrates her(?) expertise on the uneven bars.  If you ever wondered why men don’t do uneven bars, you’ll know after watching this hilarious video.  Ouch!   This shirt is [More]
Back in the 70’s Elena Mukhina from the Soviet Union had an unbelievable move on the uneven bars, as shown in this video.  It was called, of course, the Mukhina!  This move is no longer [More]
Can’t you just feel the excitement of Alabama’s women’s gymnastics team as they start the 2015 season?  And the crowd is excited too! After just one week of the new college season, Alabama Crimson Tide [More]
Kids who are serious about gymnastics have to train hard.  It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile.  Working the right muscles and building flexibility is needed to master gymnastics skills.  The girls in this video take [More]
We all need encouragement and inspiration sometimes – especially when life is hard.  Practicing gymnastics is hard.  But those who persist and keep working at it are rewarded as they see the progress they are [More]
Larisa Iordache is the European women’s gymnastics champion.  At the World Championship she came in third place.  Her floor performance at the Worlds, as seen in this video, was brilliant.  She scored 14.8. Larisa has [More]
January is the month when college gymnastics teams, which have been training for months, jump into competition.  Some of the teams are putting out their promo videos, such as this one from the men’s team [More]
Andreas Bretschneider is seen here doing his amazing Double Twisting Kovacs on the high bar.  He’s a German gymnast  At the 2014 Stuttgart World Cup team competition his performance had a great deal to do [More]
UCLA gymnast Danusia Francis scored a perfect 10 with this beam routine.  Her dismount is incredible – a side aerial dismount.  To my knowledge there is no other gymnast who does this in competitions! Danusia [More]
At Louisiana State University the crowd goes wild when Lloimincia Hall comes out to perform her floor exercise.  You can see why from this video.  She is so vivacious and energetic, not to mention entertaining! [More]
Did you ever get frustrated trying to learn to do splits – just not able to get all the way down.  This coach shows an easy way to gain the flexibility so that you can [More]
Don’t you wish every community had a gymnastics program like this?  What an inspiration to see kids who are gymnasts at this center volunteering their time to help kids with Downs Syndrome, autism, ADHD, and [More]
Although Simone Biles won the 2014 World All Around title in gymnastics for the second year in a row, she didn’t run away with the title easily.  Following close behind her all the way through [More]
The USA women’s team did great throughout the 2014 World Gymnastics Championship.  But competition was tough.  It all came down to the last round of the competition.  If Simone Biles could pull in a good [More]
Claudia Fragapane is a rising star in British gymnastics.  This was her floor exercise in the qualification rounds of the 2014 World Gymnastics Championships.  She not only qualified for the floor exercise finals, but also [More]
At the Nanning, China 2014 World Gymnastics Championships, both U.S. men and women qualified for the team finals competition.  Also several qualified for the All Around and individual events competitions. The U.S. women placed first [More]
Don’t you just love it when you discover a child who is blossoming in gymnastics and who could be a gymnastics star someday?  Sienna Robinson is one of those kids!  She’s only eight years old, [More]
Can anyone defeat Kōhei Uchimura?  He has won four consecutive World All-Around titles in gymnastics, as well as the gold medal in the All Around at the 2012 Olympics.  He is competing again in the [More]
The 2014 Gymnastics World Championships are off to an exciting start.  The U.S. men’s team has been performing consistently enough that they should have no problem doing well in the finals.  You can watch them [More]
This video shows highlights of podium training. The competition begins tomorrow for the men! The 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships are being held in Nanning, China at the Guangxi Gymnasium from  October 3-11 2014. This [More]
At the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, 16-year-old Yana Kudryavtseva from Russia won individual gold medals in ball, hoop, and club performances.  As you can see from the video, she is highly skilled, graceful, and [More]
Bulgaria has a fantastic women’s rhythmic gymnastics team.  And they proved themselves at the 2014 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships held in Izmir, Turkey.  They came away with a total score of 34 449 points in [More]
The 2014 Gymnastics World Championships may prove to be one of the most competitive competitions that we’ve seen since the Olympics.  Some of the old favorites are back, but there are a lot of new [More]