A Champion Vaulter From India India is not known for producing stiff gymnastics competition.  But Dipa Karmakar’s amazing vault scored 15.11 at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She won the bronze medal in vaulting – something [More]
Working to Get It All Back Aly Raisman is working like crazy to not only get her skills back, but to surpass what she has done in the past.  She wants to make the national [More]
Don’t you just love it when a kid excels in gymnastics and shows fantastic potential in the sport?  It seems like some kids are just born to be gymnasts.  Now obviously it takes a lot [More]
As we get closer to the 2016 Summer Olympics the international gymnastics competitions are heating up with the arrival of a good number of fantastic gymnasts rising from the Junior level to the Senior level. [More]
At the 2015 Jesolo competition, the U.S. women didn’t give the competitor teams a chance.  Not only did they win the team competition, but they won the first five places in the All-Around! Bailie Key [More]
These Kids Prove Gymnastics Can Be Exhausting. Just watching them running from one event to another makes me tired.  No wonder they are left gasping for breath! I suppose though that a gymnastics obstacle course [More]
The 2015 Nastia Liukin Cup took place in Texas the day before the American Cup.  This competition gives up and coming juniors the chance to compete on the national stage. This year’s all around winner [More]
Nastia Liukin had a dream, and that dream turned into the annual Nastia Liukin Cup.  This competition is one in which girls who are aiming for either Elite or College gymnastics get a chance to [More]
Kyla Ross at at the January 2015 Women’s National Team Camp Training was in session for the women’s national team.  It’s no secret that Kyla Ross wants to make the 2016 Olympic team going to [More]
If you are a lover of watching gymnastics bloopers, this video is for you!  But not everyone can endure watching 26 minutes straight of bloopers!  Sometimes it’s just too painful to watch! If you made [More]
We can see that LSU wants its gymnast to not only train in the gym and get conditioning to make them stronger, but also they are emphasizing nutrition.  Combining high protein nutrition with the right [More]
Aly Raisman was one of the awesome gymnasts in the “Fierce Five” victors for the U.S. at the 2012 Olympics.  After taking time off from gymnastics, she’s back in training and trying to make a [More]
McKenzie Wofford’s 9.95 score on the uneven bars in this meet between the Oklahoma Sooners and Iowa State is becoming standard.  It’s the third gymnastics meet in a row in which she earned that score [More]
Last year Elizabeth Price left elite gymnastics to go to college at Stanford, and of course, to compete on their gymnastics team.  In this video you can see her perfect 10 vault in Stanford’s recent [More]
You’ve probably noticed that for the most part girl gymnasts have long hair.  That’s because they have to keep their hair off their faces while doing their gymnastics routines. These girls demonstrate some excellent choices [More]
These little tykes love going to gymnastics class.  They are building skills, strength, balance, and flexibility that will help them succeed in many types of sports as they grow older.  And they are getting physically [More]
Aliya Mustafina has realized that she needs help.   Her gymnastics performances haven’t been living up to her own expectations.  She’s a great gymnast, but she wants to be the best gymnast in the world.  She [More]
It’s early in the 2015 college gymnastics season, but so far the Utah women’s gymnastics team has remained undefeated.  This is in part because they have Georgia Dabritz on their team.  So far this season [More]
This floor routine by Risa Perez, new on the Oregon State women’s gymnastics team, brought the crowd to their feet.  Especially the end of the routine.  If you watch to the end, you’ll find out [More]
Some of these girls seem to fly across the beam, and when they leap, twist, or flip, it seems impossible that they could land back on the beam.  I love some of the unique mounts [More]
Paulette (otherwise known as Paul Hunt) demonstrates her(?) expertise on the uneven bars.  If you ever wondered why men don’t do uneven bars, you’ll know after watching this hilarious video.  Ouch!   This shirt is [More]
Back in the 70’s Elena Mukhina from the Soviet Union had an unbelievable move on the uneven bars, as shown in this video.  It was called, of course, the Mukhina!  This move is no longer [More]
Can’t you just feel the excitement of Alabama’s women’s gymnastics team as they start the 2015 season?  And the crowd is excited too! After just one week of the new college season, Alabama Crimson Tide [More]
Kids who are serious about gymnastics have to train hard.  It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile.  Working the right muscles and building flexibility is needed to master gymnastics skills.  The girls in this video take [More]
We all need encouragement and inspiration sometimes – especially when life is hard.  Practicing gymnastics is hard.  But those who persist and keep working at it are rewarded as they see the progress they are [More]