Aly Joins McKayla in Claiming Sexual Abuse by Team Doctor Aly Raisman is courageously speaking out against the sexual abuse of gymnasts.  She know of what she speaks.  Both she and McKayla Maroney say that [More]
These Gymnasts Show Great Potential Every year it’s interesting to see young gymnasts moving up to the Senior level, with some being good enough to make the USA Gymnastics team.  As you’ll see in this [More]
Laurie Discusses Role Modeling and Diversity During the Olympics, the news media did not make much of an issue concerning the ethnic backgrounds of America’s great gymnasts. However, having done outstanding performances at the Olympics, [More]
Nastia Says She’s Unbeatable There has never been a female gymnast like Simone Biles.  She has won the All Around title in 3 world championships and 4 national competitions.  Now she is the All Around [More]
First Ever Female Gymnast From India at Olympics Could Compete in Vault India never had a female gymnast compete in the Olympics before.  But at the Rio Olympics Dipa Karmakar is not only there – [More]
Armenian American Gymnast Represents Armenia at Olympics Houry Gebeshian is an American physician’s assistant who works full time and has also trained for the Olympics.  She has achieved a lifelong dream by becoming the first [More]
Solid Performances Like This Got Him a Spot on the Olympics Gymnastics Team At the Olympics trials Chris Brooks showed that he can deliver consistent solid performances.  He nailed this high bar routine, showing strength, [More]
Meet the USA Potential Olympic Stars One of the favorite events to watch at the Olympics are the team and individual gymnastics competitions, and of course, the all-around championship.  As the Olympics open, the USA [More]
Don’t you just love it when a kid excels in gymnastics and shows fantastic potential in the sport?  It seems like some kids are just born to be gymnasts.  Now obviously it takes a lot [More]
What Happened When Shawn Didn’t Win Gold Sometimes we are so caught up in the excitement regarding those who win gold at the Olympics that we don’t really understand what the person winning silver might [More]
Anna Pavlova, a well known Russian gymnast, was sidelined with a knee injury for awhile in 2013. She did not have much hope of moving to the forefront of Russian gymnasts.  So she did what [More]
16-Year-Old Blasts Her Way Into an Olympics Possibility At the 2016 P&G National Gymnastics Championships, Laurie Hernandez, who had just turned 16, wowed everyone with her vivacious performances.  She did not seem nervous and showed [More]
McKayla’s Vaults 2009-2013 McKayla Maroney was the USA’s greatest hope for Olympic gold on the vault.  She did vaults that had high points potential due to their great difficulty, and she usually nailed them.  That’s [More]
Combining Fashion and Gymnastics With Artistry   Usually we are caught up in the strength, agility, flexibility, and performances of the gymnasts we admire.  We don’t usually associate fashion with gymnastics, other than admiring leotard [More]
No More Alternate for Chris! At the 2012 Olympics, Chris Brooks was an alternate.  That meant he came close, but didn’t get to compete.  Since then he’s been working like crazy to get himself to [More]
Pommel Horse Hero – Alex Naddour The USA men’s gymnastics team has a big weakness that has reached out to bite them in the past –  Pommel Horse performances that fell apart.  On the international [More]
Imagine the Olympics Without Romanian Gymnasts! It’s shocking!  Romania has always been a huge contender at the Olympics, and they have medaled over and over again.  But they won’t be at the 2016 Olympics in [More]
McKenna Kelley – LSU Gymnast If it’s hard for a blossoming gymnast to grow up in the shadow of a mother who was a great Olympic gymnast, McKenna Kelley doesn’t show it.  She loves gymnastics [More]
Emma’s Love for Gymnastics Just Might Get Her to Olympics Some Day Emma Rester is only 3 years old and hasn’t been taking gymnastics very long.  But she is progressing so rapidly that people are [More]
Caitlyn Demonstrates Level 1 Skills Every girl who starts gymnastics has to master some basic Level 1 skills before she can move on to more complicated movements.  This cute little girl, Caitlyn, demonstrates the basic [More]
Videos of Her Floor Routines Go Viral Sophina DeJesus is wowing the crowds with her dance gyrations during her floor routines.  She even gets her UCLA gymnast teammates dancing along at the edge of her [More]
Flashback to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials This was one of the most amazing performances that we’ve seen from Jonathan Horton, and it was a big factor in his being chosen for the U.S. London [More]
Guide to Uneven Bars Dismounts Did you ever try to figure out what moves go with different names of dismounts from the bars?  Dismounts can happen so fast, that when you hear the name of [More]
Uchimura Proves He Can Still Win It is very unusual for a gymnast to continue to win championships year after year.  But Kohei Uchimura has shown himself to be the greatest gymnast of all time, [More]
Glasgow 2015 – USA Women Easily Won Gold The USA women’s gymnastics team were absolutely amazing at the World Championships.  If they can keep their performance levels like this, they should have no problem winning [More]