If you are a lover of watching gymnastics bloopers, this video is for you!  But not everyone can endure watching 26 minutes straight of bloopers!  Sometimes it’s just too painful to watch! If you made [More]
This video shows Frank Baines in his high bar performance at the British Championsips in 2013.  After a successful junior level career, Frank was rising in his accomplishments at the senor level when disaster hit.  [More]
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Everyone seems to enjoy the gymnastics bloopers on YouTube.  We like to scout around sometimes to find new ones that have been posted.  This page is devoted to some crazy failed “gymnastics” moves.  Enjoy! Ouch! [More]
In this video John Orozco does a move on the pommel horse called the “Triple Russian.”  He is training to return to competition, but has to be careful about tumbling and vaulting right now due [More]
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Gymnasts are tough.  But sometimes they still cry.  Why?  Because of pain.  This video shows some painful landings and the tears of a few gymnasts.  It’s not easy to watch, but it’s the reality of [More]
When you combine speed and height in gymnastics, sometimes things go wrong.  This video of men’s gymnastics accidents reminds us how dangerous the sport can be. What is the worst gymnastics accident you have seen?  [More]
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John Roethlisberger was a member of the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Teams.  For any athlete to persist in the sport that long is hard enough, but John also had to push himself through rehab [More]
Even the greatest gymnasts suffer injuries from time to time.  This video show serious gymnastics accidents which led to injuries.  In spite of precise training and conditioning, these accidents still happen. Accidents like these are [More]
Kerri Strug is one of America’s gymnastics heroes.  She pushed herself past and through injuries in order to keep competing.  Her vault in which she injured herself at the Olympics, but did another vault anyhow, [More]
In spite of training and safety precautions, a fact of life in gymnastics is that some people fall in ways that can hurt them.  This video shows 20 of the worst kinds of gymnastics falls [More]
History makers!  That’s what these young women are.  Watch, and you’ll be sure to see at least one of your favorite great gymnasts in action.  This video captures moments which are replayed again and again [More]
Even the normal falls and bumps that all children experience can result in a misalignment of the spine.  Those who take gymnastics are even more prone to having this happen.  Regular gentle chiropractic adjustments can [More]
Although injuries are normal in gymnastics, it is rare for a gymnast to become paralyzed from a fall.  But it does happen from time to time.  This newscast tells the story of Kathryn Mahoney, whose [More]
Aliya Mustafina was one of the top competitors in women’s gymnastics at the London Olympics.  Her progress toward the Olympics was not an easy one, as you’ll see in this video.  An ACL injury in [More]
This coach is a hero!  He took a bunch of struggling, injured, failing men gymnasts and turned them into confident performers who could hold their own in competition.  Take a look at the transformation that [More]
This video is so moving!  Kerri Strug had to score big on the vault in order for the Magnificent Seven to win the team gold at the Atlanta Olympics.  She fell on the first vault [More]
We all know that falling and having accidents during gymnastics is something that has happened to all gymnasts.  This musical montage of gymnastic boo boos shows just what can happen in practice or in competition. [More]
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  More and more gymnasts are doing dangerous roll-outs at the end of their floor exercise tumbling passes to avoid losing points for missing stuck landings.  And the judges award them extra points for doing [More]