This video of Ryan Ward and his acro gymnastics partner Kiley Boynton should get you all psyched up for the U.S. Acrobatic Championships.  Ryan and Kiley are top competitors in mixed pairs because they won the gold medal at the World Cup competition.  Louisville, Kentucky is where the action will take place for this fabulous competition, July 27-31.

For those who are not familiar with the sport, Acro (also called Acrobatic) Gymnastics combines dance, gymnastics moves, and acrobatic skills.  This requires balance, coordination, flexibility, technical precision, strength, grace, musicality, and perfect timing.  Competitions are in different categories:  women’s pairs, men’s pairs, mixed pairs, women’s groups of three, and men’s groups of four.  So there is lots of variety in the competitions.

This shows the amazing strength and balance needed in women's pairs Acro Gymnastics.
This shows the amazing strength and balance needed in women’s pairs Acro Gymnastics.