Wow!  These guys can do incredible moves with such balance and coordination that it seems hard to believe.  Acropolis is an acrobatic gymnastics performance team that are becoming famous because of a French TV talent show.  The video above shows only part of their team – the men who perform in a foursome.  But they have a mixed group of eight gymnasts who perform together.

In 2012 Acropolis won a British sports talent show.   You can read about it on Wikipedia:

Over three shows, Let’s Get Gold! put fifteen sporting teams against each other as they attempted to transform their sport into the most spectacular and entertaining routine.

Acropolis won!  This caught the attention of a French show, and they were invited to perform on it.  This show is called “The Best Le Meilleur Artiste.  They have made the finals of the show and have a chance to win.