If we go back in time to the 1976 American Cup, we can see the beginnings of Bart Conner’s rise to fame in the sport as he does this vault.

This next video shows his final (and one of his greatest) gymnastics performance in competition.  He did an incredible job of showing off his strength and balance on just one side of the parallel bars in part of this routine. This routine won him Olympic gold!

This took place at the 1984 Olympics where he and the USA men’s team won gold. He was truly an Olympic champion!

As you probably know, Bart has stayed in the gymnastics scene through a broadcasting career. We often hear his voice as a commentator at televised gymnastics events. But what you might not know is that he married the famous Nadia Comeneci, and together they run the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy in Oklahoma. The two of them have also been active in supporting the Special Olympics.


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