No More Alternate for Chris!

At the 2012 Olympics, Chris Brooks was an alternate.  That meant he came close, but didn’t get to compete.  Since then he’s been working like crazy to get himself to the level of being an Olympian.  At the 2016 USA Olympic Trials, he met his goal!

At both the P&G nationals and the Olympic Trials, Chris churned out solid performances.  Although he didn’t rake in the highest ever scores, he consistently showed that he can put the points out there without wavering.  He looks like a great candidate for an all around medal at the Olympics!

Here’s what he said in an interview after he found out that he had been chosen for the team:



This high bar routine might have gone a long way toward earning him his spot on the team:

Chris is not the only 2012 alternate returning to the 2016 Olympics as a full fledged team member.  Alex Naddour is also.