Will Donnell Be Able to Compete in the Next Summer Olympics?

It is almost painful to watch a top-notch athlete like Donnell Whittenburg struggle through gymnastics routines that he once seemed to perform with ease.  You can see the pain on his face as he pushes himself to break through the barriers caused by injuries and realizes that his performances are not up to where he needs them to be.

Since his shoulder surgery, he has only been able to perform on the rings and parallel bars.  This must be stressful for a man who has dreams of competing in the next Olympics.  As you can see from his parallel bars performance at the  2018 USA Gymnastics Championship, Donnell is not back to his usual great performance.  But you’ve got to give him credit for how hard he is trying!



If he keeps working, he just might be ready for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.  He was an alternate in the Rio Olympics.  Let’s hope his dreams of becoming an Olympic champion come true.