Gabby Proves Herself at the 2015 Secret Gymnastics Competition

Many people were wondering if Gabby Douglas could make a comeback after being out of competition for so long.  Reports were that she was training hard, but after such a long absence it would be hard to get herself to a national and international competitive level.

So when the 2015 Secret Challenge came along, everyone was wondering what would happen.  Could she even come close to Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, and Kyla Ross?   You can see by her balance beam performance that she was poised and confident as she performed.


Well, she did it!  She showed everyone that she is regaining her skills and stamina and is up for competition in the P & G National Competition that will take place August 13-16, 2015.  She came in second place in total scoring, behind Simone Biles, who has been acing every meet that she’s been in for three years.  You can be sure they will be competing head to head between now and the 2016 Olympics. especially if Gabby does as well in the nationals and gets sent to the World competition.

At this point most people think she cannot beat Simone.  What do you think?  Leave your comment below.