People with autism need lots of sensory stimulation.  Gymnastics, when taught in the right way to encourage children with autism, can provide sensory experiences, give children a sense of accomplishment, and build self esteem.  In this video you’ll see a child who is experiencing gymnastics at his level and is getting lots of encouragement.



Michigan State is hosts an annual Autism Awareness Meet. reports:

Nine local gymnasts who have been diagnosed with autism will be doing a special gymnastics performance prior to Michigan State taking on Ohio State….

Head Coach Klages said:  “Dr. Larry Nassar has a daughter with autism and he has jumped on the cause.  It’s one of those things that people don’t want to talk about or address.  The meet puts it out there, wide open, and says lets work to help these children.  It’s very exciting to have them perform; it is a joyful and wonderful experience for them and the crowd.  It gives them the attention and puts them on center stage.”



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