At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing He Kexin won gold medals on the uneven bars and as a member of the Chinese  Women’s Gymnastics team. This video shows her exciting and beautiful bars performance.  She had some difficulty in practice, so everyone was holding their breath to see if she could do the routine.  She not only did it, but excelled at it!



There was a controversy over her age though.  Her passport showed her to be age 16, but previously published news reports in China had reported her to be two years younger, and therefore ineligible to participate in the Olympics.  She indeed looked very young!  China continues to maintain that she was age 16 at the time.

Because of her tiny size, He was able to do moves between the bars that larger girls would not be able to do.  So if she really was age 14, she may have had an unfair advantage in that regard.  However, being tiny makes it harder to transfer from the low bar to the high bar.