Coronavirus Closed Gyms, But Doesn’t Need to Stop Conditioning

Along with most everything else, gymnastics training centers are closed due to social distancing orders.  It is understandable that closings can help contain the spread of the virus.  But gymnasts are concerned about staying in shape while they await the reopenings of the gyms.

Most young girls would be frustrated to not be able to advance their gymnastics skills.  But here’s one girl who is determined to condition during the time off from the gym due to COVID-19.  She may not be able to increase her skill level.  But her body will be ready for gym workouts and skill building as soon as the gymnastics centers are open again.


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Buttercup, as she calls herself online, is not just working on her own conditioning.  But as you can see, she wants to lead other girls in staying fit and ready to get back to gymnastics.

I love her sense of humor with the toilet paper!

One thing that could be an issue once it’s back to training time will be that growing girls might no longer fit the leotards they wore two months ago.  It will be frustrating to get notice that lessons are starting again, only to discover that leotards don’t fit.

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