In this video John Orozco does a move on the pommel horse called the “Triple Russian.”  He is training to return to competition, but has to be careful about tumbling and vaulting right now due to a serious injury to his left knee.


International Gymnast Magazine reports:

“I will be competing all six events at the national qualifier, and my routines for floor and vault will be watered down and simple since I won’t be ready to do my full routines yet,” he explained.

Orozco will be the defending champion at the P&G U.S. National Championships, which takes places in Aug. 15-18 in Hartford. He knows the knee injury will limit him but he is determined in his goal of competing all the events.

“Nationals will be tricky because I don’t know if I will have enough time to train my full difficulty vault and floor routine,” he said. “I do plan on doing all six events even if I have to water down my floor and vault routines.”


Do you think he can make a comeback this season?  Or will he have to do his serious gymnastics next year?  Leave your comments below.


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