You can see in this video the outstanding performances that Jordyn Wieber gave at last year’s World Championships.  She won the gold medal in the All Around there.  But she has decided not to go back this year (2013) to the Nationals or World competitions.  So she cannot defend her championship.


Why?  She’s been too busy to train properly.

NBC Sports reports:

Wieber, like her Fierce Five teammates, led a hectic schedule following the London Olympics, beginning with a post-Games tour.

“She initially came back off the Tour of Champions with the idea that she might want to vie for a national team spot and a shot at worlds again,” Geddert said. “But then looking at her commitment calendar and the number of obligations she had, both paid and personal, she just couldn’t string together enough training time to make that viable.”





What we have seen happen with a few Olympic stars is that they can make a lot of money away from the gym doing public appearances, writing books, performing, and sponsoring events, based upon their popularity.  Therefore they don’t get back into full training until long after many of the others who would be their competitors.

Do you think Jordyn made the right decision?  Should she have returned to training earlier?  Will other competitors be gaining experience through competitions that will put them in position to defeat her later when she begins competing?  Leave your comments below.