At the 2012 Kellogg’s Pacific Rim Championships, Laura Zeng wowed the crowd with this Hoop performance.  She makes what would be impossible for most of us look easy.


She is still competing at the junior level, so we can expect amazing things from her in the future.  At the at the Gymnastik International 2013 in Germany this past weekend, Laura scored big.   USA Gymnastics reports that she

posted a 56.867 total with scores of 14.900, hoop; 13.933, ball; 14.067, clubs, and 13.967, ribbon, and qualified to all four event finals. Nearly sweeping the junior event finals, Zeng posted scores of 15.650, hoop; 14.950, clubs; and 15.100, ribbon to claim three gold medals. She also picked up the bronze medal in the ball competition, posting a 12.200.



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