It’s hard to believe what these girls go through to be able to get their bodies and legs into position!  It looks so painful.

I don’t know if this is typical training for rhythmic gymnastics, but if it is, a girl would definitely need to have a love for the sport in order to press on through such painful stretching exercises.

If you have experience with training in rhythmic gymnastics, please share your comments below.  Or if you know someone with knowledge of this training, share the video and ask that person to tell us if this is a normal training routine.


2 Replies to “Painful Rythmic Gymnastics Training”

  1. This type of traning is completely normal. If my over-splits werent touching my coach would place her hands on my shoulders and push me down until i was touching the ground. Its the brutal truth, this sport demands a lot of physical and mental strenght! Like you said, you must really have a love for the sport in order to put your body through the practices. At the age of 10 i was practicing 4 hours a day 6 times per week. As an “on looker” to the practice i could see how people might consider this torture but its the name of the game, and i loved every second of it!

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