Did you enjoy this back in time video of Phoebe Mills doing her animated floor exercise at the 1988 Olympics?  She put so much energy, as well as skill, into her performances that everyone loved her!

She was an amazing gymnast.  But what is also amazing is how she didn’t stop there as an athlete.  She became a diver for awhile and later a snow boarder.

It’s always interesting to find out about a famous gymnast’s life after gymnastics.  So what is she up to now?

She has branched out to be a snowboard judge at the Winter Olympics!

NBC OlympicTalk reports:

She began learning to snowboard in 1995 and then began coaching the sport, including Olympic medalists Hannah Teter and Danny Kass, according to ESPN. She’s been a judge since 2004.

…Mills said she studies film and watches competitions in person. It helps not to be surprised by new tricks at the Olympics.

Read more at http://olympictalk.nbcsports.com/2013/10/31/phoebe-mills-olympic-snowboarding-judge-gymnastics/

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