Gymnastics Competitions Have Resumed

After Covid 19 shutting down gymnastics competitions, finally Simone Biles was able to to prepare for the Olympics with her first competition in 2021.   She’s glad to be back and is still amazing everyone with her skills and talent.

In spite of some mistakes, her difficulty level and execution is so far above everyone else in the field that she easily won.

Just wait until you see her new vault.  Her strength and height on the vault leaves us breathless!

I know you are eagerly awaiting all of the competitions leading up to the Olympics.  It will be amazing to see Simone in action as she hones her performances in each event.

Still in question is whether the Tokyo Olympics will actually happen.  As you know, they were postponed in 2020 until 2021.

Leave a comment below.  Do you think this will be Simone’s last year to compete in gymnastics?