Unless she is injured or has a family emergency, Simone Biles’ dream of going to the World Championships is coming true.  Since she won the All Around at the national championships, she’s won her spot on the USA team.  The women’s team has not been officially announced yet, but her name has been submitted as an All-Around contender in the initial nominations that had to be submitted to the International Gymnastics Federation.



The other person selected for the All-Around competition is Kyla Ross.  Simone and Kyla’s scores in the nationals were very close, and either one of them could contend for the gold.  However they will meet strong competition from gymnasts from other countries, especially Russia.

The World Championships should be very exciting!

Update: 2014 World Championships

Last year Simone won the All-Around at the World Championships.  This video was recorded before that competition.  In 2014 Simone hopes to do a repeat performance at the championships and win again.  She has had an outstanding season and is once again the U.S. national championship.
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