He’s Trying Hard, But Not Keeping Up With Her

A lot of gymnastics dads watch their kids practice and cheer them on in gymnastics meets.  But here’s one that has gone the extra mile by trying to learn gymnastics right along side of his daughter.

No, he’s not very good at it.  But you’ve got to give him credit for how hard he’s working and how much he’s improved.  And even more so, he deserves a “Dad Award” for bonding with his daughter this way.  Even if she never turns into an elite gymnast, she’ll never forget all the hours spent with her dad and the fun they had doing gymnastics together.

He’s not just his daughter’s fan, but I’m sure she’s his fan as well.  Maybe not so much for how he does gymnastics, but for how he shows his love for her.

Let’s wish them both success in their gymnastics endeavors!