Start Young With Gymnastics Lessons

Little kids have great flexibility and can learn gymnastics skills much more easily that older ones.  That’s why starting lessons early is important.  Kids who start early discover whether they love the sport or not.  If they do, they embrace the challenge of getting more fit, learning techniques, and working on skill sets.

If you think your child might enjoy being a gymnast, start as soon as possible.  If you can’t go to a gym for classes yet, perhaps instructional videos will at least help your chlld to condition and stretch.

This  five-year-old girl obviously loves the sport.  The video was made after only three months of lessons.  I think she’s a gymnast in the making.

If you took gymnastics lessons as a child, leave a comment below to let us know how old you were when you started.  Or if you have a child taking lessons, let us know the age he or she started.