When you hear the word gymnastics, your mind probably automatically visualizes events in artistic gymnastics, such as balance beam, rings, vault, and floor exercise.



But what most people don’t realize is that there is a different sort of gymnastics that is a very competitive sport:  Tumbling and Trampoline.  The above full length competition video gives you a peek into this type of gymnastics.  (You may want to slide the time bar at the bottom ahead to see the actual events.)  Tumbling and competing on trampolines are very difficult sports.  Synchronized trampoline competitions require two people to exactly match each other in the routine.  Can you imagine how much practice that would take?

Some people start out in artistic gymnastics, but discover that they love narrowing down the types of events they compete in and concentrating on developing just that skill instead of trying to excel in very different events.


Doing a tumbling run takes skill and endurance.
Doing a tumbling run takes skill and endurance.










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